Branch Connectivity and WAN Solutions
Most of the companies have multiple branches and more often than not, a good network connectivity (Wide Area Network) across these branches is a must.
Challenges faces by companies:-
  • Access to enterprise resources from outside of headquarters can be either time-consuming and/or expensive dependent on connection and bandwidth
  • Consistency of data and uniform software releases are difficult to guarantee within decentralized structures
  • Installation of software and management of software versions is very time-consuming
  • Security of data and access is a real challenge
  • Support for widely spread workforce is resource intense
  • Performance can be an issue for mobile workers
Solutions Framework
  • Application server computing
  • Solutions to address your business challenges
Remote Office Connectivity: Customer needs
  • Connect remote locations quickly
  • Ensure consistency of data and applications for employees in remote offices and in headquarters
  • Access data in real-time
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Cut costs
  • Guarantee end user support for all locations – inside and outside head quarters
  • Keep number of IT staff to a minimum