Our Bangalore Office Shifted to New Address w.e.f 01 April 2023 and All Operational tasks for IBS Noida are now handled from our Banglore office; Noida office closed w.e.f 1st June 2023.


The evolution of E-commerce has facilitated several opportunities for retailers, brands and cataloguers across multitude of channels today. We are at a state of inflection where consumer behavior and interaction focuses are changing the manner in which business need to engage and direct their operations. The disturbance in existing industry value chains and economics is creating numerous opportunities and dangers for stakeholders. It is imperative for businesses to understand their customer better and take advantage of the emerging technologies to provide seamless, personalized experiences

An ideal E-commerce stage facilitates a service that constantly adjusts its operations to the ever-evolving, tech-astute and cross-channeled consumers, making items available at the ideal place, at the perfect time and at the perfect price.

As connected mobile and other internet enabled devices proliferate, their potential to change the customer experience (“anywhere, anytime”) is the next circumstance.

  • M-Commerce and e-Commerce applications and stages
  • Commerce through Smart Watch and TV
  • Social Commerce and marketing
  • Front end modernization and API enablement
  • Personalization